Monday, 16 November 2009

My sisterlocks and a few answers to some questions

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  1. Hey Nicole- I like your perspective on the Sisterlock thing...I am newly SL'd and I have found quite a bit of talk about what I call 'pseudo-SLs'. Eventually, I want to maintain my own hair and at the end of the day, as long as they look good, I know I will be happy.

  2. Very nice and very real!!! Appreciate you taking the time to help those of us who take sisterlocks a little too seriously. We need to just calm ourselves and let our hair "do what it do!"

  3. Hi Guys, thanks so much for the support/input.
    Well as I stated, very little is that serious to me, at least in regards to hair and people's consideration of it :) I sometimes feel that this sisterlock thing can become a sort of team/club for some people. A place where people who felt they didnt fit in somewhere else, find a home. That's great! But it gets dodgy when they themselves try to convince others that the inn is full, and start to nudge people out of their club, the same treatment they didn't appreciate previously. How is it that serious? Is it worth bold fonts and exclamation points...sigh
    I am not saying hair and sisterlocks are not relevant, it just doesn't rank in my lifetime top 5. On my tombstone there will be no reference to my sisterlocks and the integrity of my loc pattern.
    Peace yall!

  4. Amen, on the "hair length" comment. Woooo whooo, somebody gets it.

    Hey "N", it's me, Lovin' Locks. Girrl, a lifetime of livin' since we last corresponded. I'm working to get back on the track. Unfortunately for me, $$ is the MAIN object, LOL. Seriously, I have just begun a new career coming off of unemployment since August.


    Lovin' Locks