Saturday, 1 May 2010

Update or something

Found this on the blog of Gerard Brennan

Well I need to up my blog game and can't seem to find the motivation to do so. I think it is because I am doing too much and think that I am so awesome that I should share every facet of myself with complete strangers. LOL.

For starters I have my youtube channel where I talk about not only hair but dating, makeup, crafts,weight politics and whatever falls onto my silly mind. I am sure my suscribers don't know what to think of me, but I am trying to sort it all out.
Recently I have ventured on a healthier lifestyle. It seems since I have moved to Germany I have been acting like this is a vacation or a tempt situation, never really adapted to a routine. This was most evident in my eating. I hardly ever grocery shopped or planned lunches and dinner and especially in the winter I was hardly active. Now in my former life, I was never thin but very active, tennis, gym, biking, travelling, cardio for days, and it seemed that my focus shifted from those things to clubbing, dating, running my mouth and simply being all over the damn place.
The randomness in my eating and reduction in physical activity manifested itself to some weight gain since moving here. It's an unfortunate side effect to being a slack ass, LOL, in my case. So I have decided to hit the gym and eat a bit healthier. No diets or gimmicks, just working on my fitness. I just want more energy and want to work on my endurance and overall cardio fitness.
It might have something to do with the sun showing its face and motivating me to be outside more. I am also cooking and planning meals which also helps save a few pennies here and there.
I dont really have a goal, aside from being able to do a plank for 2 minutes straight, haha. I am currently at 40 seconds but if I keep moving and shaking I am bound to throw off some weight which will make many physical things in my life much easier. Okay I am rambling...I recently changed my hair a bit and I will link vids from my youtube. I have changed the color AND the style so I hope you all enjoy.


  1. Hi Nicole. Was wondering how you were doing. You moved to Germany? From the U.S.? I was listening to your video, and your accent is getting gurl. I used to live in Frankfort/Hanau W. Germany during my military days. Hair is looking really cute! Take care and keep posting so we know you are okay over there.


  2. Angie! How the heck are ya. I added on facebook via Nat's suggestion. How are you and the fam? I moved to London, then moved to Germany, Berlin is great! I love it, aside from the dodgy weather. You are like the first person I ever knew with sisterlocs and here we are. How crazy. Hope all is well and Happy Mother's Day