Thursday, 13 January 2011

Happy New Year, I'm Pouting!

My period told me that my ass was huge. I swear everytime it's strawberry week I start feeling some sorta way about my body and myself. It must be the bloatage, or the cravings or just the desire to sleep all the time. All jokes aside I am in a funk, not a depression funk but a physical fitness funk.

I mean I do my Zumba every once in a while and go to weekly water aerobics classes but outside of that I am a lazy hump. I mean where is my motivation? I am currently tipping the scales at 297 lbs, I have developed a new back roll over my usual back roll and my face has gotten wider. Am I losing control, is this normal? I havent even worn a pair of jeans in months for fear of what might pop out the seams and it WINTER TIME! I just rock sweater dresses, skirts with leggings and tights and boots, I mean I keep it cute but I know I should be more active. I sit on the train for at least two hours a day, sit at work at my desk or in meetings, and then come home late to sit and eat and then watch tv or mess around on the internet. Where is the fire to light under my ass to get up and move??

I mean I know how the working out goes, it sucks to get to the gym but once you are there it's fun. I know how to eat right and apparently I am not that bad of a cook.
Shoot I know I should be sleep and could have been in bed and asleep by 10:30 but 12:30 just waved "hello" and I am writing on my blog. mmm What is wrong with me?

Motivation, I beseech thee, come to me for I am lost without you.
On an other note: Do yall think I can get a work visa for being a professional muse...okay nevermind.


  1. OMG! damn sista are you in my life Hmmm same goes here just in a funk these dayz, getting ready to go to the gym now but just can't seem to find motivation much right now. Gained 10lbs. Over the holidays.Now tipping the scale at 200lbs and not the least bit happy about that but can't find the git up and go to get the hell up and go!

  2. When you say train, do you mean subway? Because if you do and the stations arent that far apart, why dont you get out a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way? Saves you money in the long run.

    Good luck in what works for you! = o

  3. @Nubian1, no I take the regional train to work. Its about 1:15 minutes door to door. Things are looking up, I am recently recommited to getting in better shape. So I am being more active, cooking at home, its a journey. We'll see how this goes :)

  4. Nicole, I feel you on this whole wt thing. i got on the scale and was like WHOA how did I get here? (of course I already know the answer to that question)