Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sisterlock Journey: 26 month Update Video

In case you haven't seen it, I posted a 26 month update on my sisterlocks which I self maintain with the nappyloc tool. I have done some combining and I can't seem to wrangle the grays up in the front of my head. They really have a mind of their own.
I can see a huge difference between this video and my Toddler Town update in April.
The volume is starting to worry me. I really don't want to walk around looking like the Lion King but I will be patient and see what my hair wants to do.
Hair Flash Back April 2011


  1. as it gets longer, I think it will look a little thinner, unless your hair is thick like that Brunsli's hair, in which case, not so sure! I would cut the 2 headed dragons after a few months, because on the ones I have without sealed ends, they have gotten weird and bunched! But it depends on your hair, I think I just didn't like the feel of the 2 heads, and also I combined from hair loss after baby, so they were dangly. But your hair looks fantastic!

  2. I actually think your hair would look amazing thicker and more poofy. I loved that look on black girls as we are the only ones that can really achieve that look. Also, yu are hilarious with the xbox. My brother has a kinek (sp?) and it is really fun.
    Oh, I saw your piece on Fly brother on oktoberfesst. Amazing! Well, minus those idiots of course. I experienced something similar at the haufbrauhaus but I was able to move. I still love Germany.
    Is your boytoy German?

  3. Hi Nicole:

    I just wanted to say your locks look great! I am also a Black woman (Afro-American) in Berlin. I'd like to have my hair done in twists. Would you ever consider doing some natual hair work? Or would you know of anyone doing natural hair styles in Berlin? I do miss NYC, in that regard! :) But other than that, Berlin is a wonderful city.

    Thanks for the great blog!
    Take care,
    Danielle Bolden

  4. @danielle it depends on what sort of twist you mean. single or two strand twist. i could hook you up and also introduce to a growing network of black american women in berlin. it's crazy how many of us are here. just email me at

    @rhona no the boyfriend is Danish. an entirely different sort haha.

    @yahvinah i will cut after a few months i think the locs need to grow as one a bit more. i am nervous though because i dont want the cut off end to snag during the interlocking process. this could get annoying

  5. they're looking very nice miss lady! :D
    Is there a way to weigh down your locs just a bit without creating much buildup so you don't get the lion affect?

    I feel like moving sometimes..I feel like I need to get out..Berlin..hmmmm!! :)

  6. @theretronatural nah girl, my hair defies gravity. i think the only way it will stay "down" it is weight that will come from length. he is to hoping!
    moving? berlin is amazing, you would love it here!! come for a visit. its a great city, i promise

  7. Looks good-but if ever you decide to transition to another natural hair look, PLEASE do not CUT your locks.

    Use the Take Down Remover cream for taking out braids, weaves, twists or natural dreadlocks easier,faster. It detangles very matted tangled hair easy and safely.

    It also prevents hair breakage no matter how long your braids or weaves are in. It is great for women who are transitioning to natural hair from relaxers as well.

    It is not a water based or glycerine based product-so it works on every type of hair texture, every head, every time.