Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Yeepers! I was quoted

Picture from Gemma Stone

I think this means people are listening! HA! The ladies over at Clutch Online Magazine recently wrote an article about loving your body and you all know I am about the self love.
The author only used the first sentence of my quote because my sentiments were echoed elsewhere in the article.

Here is the article: Putting to Rest Fat Hatred, Encouraging Self-Love

They asked how could I decide to love my body considering society's general intolerance for everything not thin. My full reply:

"Society is fickle and throughout different points in history, its preference and opinion on what is deemed beautiful has changed. I refuse to to allow something like public opinion dictate how I feel about my OWN body. I look in the mirror and I like what is reflected back. Many people regardless of body weight, can not say this, so I consider myself blessed. I was not always this comfortable in my own skin. I emerged from my twenties, making peace with my body and stopped blaming it for all my failures. This body with all its features and flaws is my best friend, it's not just adipose tissue and skin, it comes with a mind, a soul and my heart. To reject it simply because it doesnt fit someone else's ideal would be a travesty. I won't lie and say I like every part of me everyday single day. But I love my body and respect myself everyday because it is not my enemy but the one ally I will have for the rest of my life."

ALSO I used a new word! Yeepers Check out the new word section to find out MY definition

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