Monday, 19 September 2011

After The Lovefest

Coming home after a wonderful weekend with my family in Stuttgart it seems people are trying to bring me down off of my high.

Exhibit A) Last night while walking home from the train station around 1 am. A man was yelling at me" HEY PUTA!, HEY PUTA! HEY PUTA!" I ignored him, the clowns outside of this kebab place are often drunk asshats who make lewd noises and gestures when I walk by them. Usually it doesn't phase me but he decided to yell this at me until I was no longer in his line of sight, he must have said it 30 times.Exhibit B) This morning while I was walking to work in the backwoods town that I work in, two girls decided to stare me down and when I walked past, one girl with pink hair said in German
" What is that?" with a puzzled look on her face. Her friend then started to laugh like it was the funniest thing she had heard all year. These chicks are lucky I have good sense and the desire to not land in jail.
Exhibit C) In the same shit town, when I arrived at the station for my journey back to civilization, some guy walked up behind me, made a noise like he was sniffing and then his friends who must have been watching started making pig noises.

Now I tend to think I am sensitive to these events because they are such a constrast to how I felt this weekend. I was around my favorite people in the WORLD. I felt so loved and so accepted, like I was at home. As soon as I arrived in Berlin I was thrown back into this existance of being "the only one". It's not like this all the time. I am okay with people staring but for these three things to happen in less than 24 hours is just odd. What am I doing to generate this attention? Nothing is different aside from the fact that I was happier and in a better emotional place than I was before my trip. My trip rejuvanated my spirit and I have to come home to this crap. I just don't get it.

I came close to crying this evening but decided to blog it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.



  1. that sucks! eff them! but there is something to be said about living in a place where you feel like your spirits aren't constantly being beaten down! Im happy to hear that you at least had a wonderful weekend in Stuttgart, which by the way- a friend of mine lives there so let me know if you'd like me to introduce you!

    love ya,

  2. Wow! What a crappy day, I'm sorry! Funny how places seem like free & open societies, but in reality, it's often confined to smaller areas and districts.

    Cheer up! We'll have fun tomorrow night :)

  3. I'm really sorry to hear that these things happened to you. Indeed, these are the base, forgotten people in society that try to "employ" themselves by making trouble.

    I'm sure tomorrow will be better. Ignore the idiots/bigots.

  4. That really sucks..I really don't understand why people can't just be miserable on their own. Why they need to drag other people into their crap is just beyond me. I'm glad you held your head up and got it out via writing. Writing has been coming up a lot for me lately. It does help to blog (openly or privately). Stuff like this makes me a bit apprehensive about going to new areas, Europe specifically...though I wanna see the world, I'm sometimes scared of the culture shock and whether people will berate me rather than embrace me..but I know it doesn't matter, it happens everywhere :\

  5. thanks for the support everyone
    @retro natural girl dont let a few clowns deter you from traveling. idiots have no boundaries and this doesnt shape my overall experience here. perhaps i should also share positive experiences and not just moan about when things go bad. i am truly blessed and i realized this this weekend. i think something is trying to shake my confidence and make me doubt myself. i wont let that happen

  6. Haters gonna hate, look like you found a nice pocket of ignorance. I can't beleive that they thought they could get away with that. Man some people have no sense, they are going to make the wrong comment to the wrong person one day and get spin kicked in their pathetic little faces. Because that is the situation, only a pathetic waste of space would think that that behavior is cool, or funny. I pity them, until they get their comeuppance, then I laugh at them.

  7. That sucks and I'm really sorry you had to experience that, but those people are just effing idiots and I'm glad you held on to your sense and power and didn't let them get to you. You just had a wonderful time and are rejuvenated and feeling good don't let a few assholes take that away from you.

  8. That f'n sucks! I find German's are so hot and cold. Either they are ice or the sun.

  9. Ewww what asses! There are stupid people all over the world and I'm a firm believer that idiotic people like to feel better about themselves by making other people feel terrible. You don't need that- go back into that happy place and don't leave it. These losers probably have nothing to be happy about.

  10. Unbelievable. That's the part of Europe I dislike so much. I want to shake them so hard and say "People?! The US has moved wayyyy past this. Get out of the stone ages."

    But then again, ignorance does run rampant in certain parts of the US...

    So sorry to hear this. Such pathetic haters.

  11. Sorry to hear the Deutschbag Brigade is bothering you. Berlin is a weird little island of 'Not Germany' compared to the rest of Germany. In my extensive travels across most of the regions of Germany, Berliners are the biggest group of white trash idiots I have ever seen. Consider that half the town were mullet-sporting commies raised in factories and farms. Imagine all of the former Eastern Germany rushing to Berlin for work. Imagine the huge Berlin welfare state which rewards uneducated, white trash breeders and keeps the cycle of ignorance going. You have to fight back by laughing at them. Once me and an English-speaking friend of mine were walking and talking in Prenzlauer Berg. A group of German jugend stopped speaking. One of them said "DEUTSCH!" in my ear as I passed. Fucking nazi. I turned to my friend and loudly said "DID HE SAY HE'S A DEUTSCHBAG!!! BWAH-hahahahaha!" You could try flipping the bird and saying 'Sit and spin, Deutschbag.' I believe it would translate well, even to ignorant, white trash nazi ears. ;)

    Keep up the good fight.....


  12. @dunkin berliner
    i find it hard to relate my fight to yours. the aggression and disrespect that you show towards Germans, Berliners, etc is just uncalled for. I get it, people are asshats and it can be difficult for foreigners but Germany is my home and I would never refer to the general population as "fuckin nazis" or "white trash breeders". Combating ignorance with ignorance is sure fire way to continue the cycle you mentioned in your post
    Try and stay positive.