Monday, 26 September 2011

Retail Confessions:

My last post on retail confessions was all the way back in May, I have been laying low and watching my spending these past few months. Recently, I carefully ventured back out into the vast and delectable world of online shopping, this time in search of shoes! dun dun dun.

You might remember that I wear a size 11 shoe and often hit up I wanted to try some new online retailers and discovered through Chescaleigh, a very popular and lovely youtuber who also has a well endowed foot.

I have nothing but positive things to say about for a number of reasons.

1) The selection: They have an amazing selection of shoes in a size 11 for all occasions. I was literally overwelmed and had to narrow down my search because my head and or wallet was going to explode. I was in the market for a party shoe and one for walking since I am a commuter, I had no trouble finding either.

2) The shipping: Living in Germany I have a heck of a hard time finding fashionable shoes in an 11 so I often have to resort to online shopping, many retailers don't even offer shipping overseas bah! Endless offered international shipping and they indicated on the product page if it was unable to be shipped abroad. Many times you don't find this out until checkout.

3) Made my life easier: When getting stuff shipped overseas you have to pay tax on incoming items. had me pay my estimated tax AT CHECKOUT. My purchase wasn't held up in customs and I did not have to make that dreaded trip to the zollamt. My package arrived at my house in record time.

4) Awesome service: I got FREE shipping because my order was over 100 USD and I ordered the shoes on a Saturday evening and recieved them the following Tuesday. Can we say, "MAGICAL". I also had free returns if anything was wrong with my purchase but all was perfect!

So enough of the waffle, here is what I ordered. :)

Naturalizer Gabina Loafer in the Color Blaze

Samantha Viv Slingback Pump in Red

Dialog Rainbow Clutch

Endless has won me over as a customer, I will be sure to check out them out first for all my future shoe and accessory needs.

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  1. My dear, YOU have just inspired me to buy a pair of loafers. I love your style (writing AND dress); and thank heavens for Endless cos I don't want you back at the zollamt!!! Lol. I don't think the employees would survive :)

  2. Ha! Last time I was at the Zollamt I actually made the old man (read "so old he was almost covered in dust") start moaning and rubbing his face. He couldn't cotton on to the fact that Jersey (EU, no duty) might not be New Jersey (US, plus duty). In the end he just shoved my parcel at me and told me to go away. Result!

  3. Very nice picks! I also like the new blog redesign. Very clean.

  4. @oneika, thanks i have to add you to the blog roll.
    @bajan lily girl the loafer is whats up, i walk too much to be messing around in heels all day @traveltruth those zollfolk will be the death of ME. literally. or i might end up in jail!

  5. Me and Endless have a love affair..shh!! I have about 7 pairs of shoes in my *buy me later* basket lol...I got some oxfords for fall from there recently..ugh I need another gig to support my wannabe habit!

  6. I feel your pain, Nicole. I have been a size 11 US ever since the 6th grade, and my least favorite (and most depressing) thing to do has always been shoe shopping cos they NEVER have anything in my size. So now I shop online for shoes or go to Target (who sells attractive shoes @ a reasonable price).

    Also LOVE the red pumps.