Monday, 10 October 2011

The Not-so-typical Typical New England Home

If you follow me on twitter you know for the next two weeks I am Stateside visiting family and friends. I am spending this weekend with one of my favorite couples, Elena and Nick. Elena and I have been friends for years. We made a connection almost instantly when we were coworkers and she has been a constant source of light and positive energy since then. She and Nick recently welcomed a little girl, providing the perfect excuse for me to invade their home outside of Boston.

Travel is a huge source of inspiration in the lives of Elena and Nick; their little girl, Acadia, was named after a national park. Their Cape Cod house is a testament to their love for culture and passion for adventure. Every corner of the house has a story to tell and they were gracious enough to allow me to share some of them with my readers.

This post will showcase the focal point of their living room, a coffee table that displays trinkets and knickknacks that represent past travels and each of their multi cultural backgrounds.

Elena is Mexican and Chinese. This doll and skull are from Mexico and are usually displayed during the Day of the Dead celebrations, which remember the lives of loved ones who have died.

Nick is German and Italian. This Pinocchio doll was acquired on one of his trips to Italy. Pinnocchio is the title character of an 1883 Italian's children's novel. The character and story became more popular after the Disney adaptation.

This clay tea set is from the province in China where Elena's mother is from. The tea included with the set is also from the same province. Having the tea harvested from the same place that the clay was made is said to enhance the flavor of the tea.

This knife was custom made by one of the few knife makers in Alaska, Virgil Campbell.  The moose antler handle was fitted to Nick's hand and the blade was shaped with steel by hand. 

Russian style dolls from United Arab Emirates, a vintage camera of Elena's and a slice of rock that has been painted.

 Assorted trinkets from Nick's family, belt buckle, TWA pin, and metalware. The picture also features the couple's growing wine cork collection.

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  1. How cool! I'm totally eying the coffee table for its sheer ability to hold house is tiny! Lovely showcase and I love the cultural trinkets that can serve as great conversation pieces!