Monday, 28 November 2011

Berlin State of Mind

astronaut in berlin

Recently on twitter I posted this picture along with the tweet "This happens in your city, right? " Judging from the popularity of the tweet,  it doesn't. Outside of Berlin, astronauts are rarely seen at intersections on Sunday afternoons. Living in Berlin you are introduced to a new version of normal, one that is broader, full of color and for some reason more authentic.

Below is a collection of photos that depict my enhanced normality, all captured with my trusty vintage iphone 3G :) Enjoy!

astronaut in street berlin
The astronaut was there on official business

berlin wall double row cobblestone
This is a street where the former Berlin Wall stood, the double row of cobblestone mark its path
Just your average fashion designer that I became instant friends with
I love the stamp mobile!

Close up!
Preparing for absinthe in my super secret absinthe bar

Yes that is a feather, apparently you missed this post on clean eggs!

Hark, a car dressed up like a NYC taxi, complete with the fare posting
Berlin's Erotic Climax, they advertise brothels on buses not sure if it's on the bus route
You are not hallicunating, that's a tiger moped
Berlin is known for it's thought provoking street art
Berlin loves Michael Jackson, he is all over the city.
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  1. Thank you for the colorful pictures of life in Berlin. That tiger moped made my morning! LOL!

  2. @gen321 that is one of the most hilarious things i have ever seen. its like a stuffed animal. it would be awesome if the horn was a growl,or the thunder cat hoooooooooooooo!!!

  3. Berlin loves Michael? I never would have expected that. The colorfulness of this city is amazing. The designer and Michael are my faves.

  4. @fly girl, they sure do. i have two more mj photos i could have posted. plus berlin was the city where he held blanket over the balcony. LOL he loved berlin as well :)

  5. Seeing an astronaut crossing the street like that would be my 5 year old nephew's DREAM COME TRUE. Seeing that tiger moped, however, is mine ;) Great photos.

  6. Love this Berlin randomness!

  7. great photos, I have to visit this city someday!