Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloweening With Travel-Heads

I know I have complained about the attention I get as a black expat in Germany but  Halloween is my Christmas. I enjoy dressing up! I take it real serious. Like REAL serious. Months ahead of time I get anxious contemplating what look I will tackle. I love makeup intensive costumes  and  use Youtube as my Halloween Look Bible.

I'm the one on the right :) - Lady Gaga from the Born This Way Video and me

This year my costume was inspired by Lady Gaga in the Born This Way video. Not sure what the look is called but I call it the Skeleton Face. I usually take time to practice but this year, time got away from me. My first attempt at this look was Saturday night. I totally underestimated the effort needed to make me ugly and had to rush in finishing the bottom half of my face. I also didn't have time to do my neck or hands which annoyed me to no end! bah bah bah! The wig was interesting, I am still trying to clean up plastic blond and pink strands off of my floor. It was all worth it though cause it all came together in the end. I already had the shirt and strong shouldered jacket as well as the bow tie. The decision to do this look was a no brainer.

I don't even like song but it's been in my head for days now.
Saturday night was pretty tame, a few people in costume. I am never really too fussed about being the only person in costume, I consider it a cultural exchange LOL.  That night I met up with three travel bloggers currently in Berlin. (There are much more than than, trust me!) Be sure to check them out!!!

Ernest from Fly-Brother.com
Ernest host his own personal travel blog at fly-brother.com. He is originally from Florida and currently lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Occasionally he makes his way to Berlin. He's a great writer, a professional couch surfer and one of the best friends I have made on my writing journey. Oh yeah, and totally nice to look at. bwah hahaha. Keep an eye out for him cause he is about to blow up!!! BOOM!

Yvonne from Just Travelous
This is Yvonne! A native Swabian who has transplated to Berlin. Yvonne not only stays busy with her travel blog Just Travelous , she contributes to the Travellettes and host travel related shows on German television. She is everywhere and maintains her blog in both English and German, IMPRESSIVE. She is a lovely young lady who has a great amount of insight into the travel blogging business. 

Adam from Travels of Adam
You guys know Adam! He's been on the blog before. He is a round the world traveler who has made Berlin his home for a few months. He came here at the beginning of the summer and now fashions himself a hipster.  Adam  has been travelling for erm....18 months or so around the globe and has no immediate plans to stop. He is a WHIZ at SEO and blog monetization and has helped me out with navigating the rocky world of paid advertising and crap like that. Find him over at Travels of Adam

As a bonus here is a picture of my Halloween costume last year!!

Zombie in 2010. I threw that makeup on in 30 minutes. Meh. It worked

 Ventriloquist Dummy Costume from 2009

AND a youtube video of my costume for 2009.  The look was inspired by a youtube makeup guru, Petrilude. I made the hat by myself with cardboard, fabric, wire, and a glue gun, oh and feathers :) I really enjoyed it! I got to be crafty and play with makeup. Woot.

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  1. Girl you are so talented with the Halloween makeup looks!! Next year I'll come to Berlin and we can go out all dressed up together... I love Halloween!

  2. WOW... that is awesome makeup! Zombie is my own favourite personal choice of Halloween costume but there are NO celebrations at all round here in Hessen for dressing up for (but actually not so much in the UK anyway so not too much of a disappointment!)... luckily I got my annual dress up out of my system this year at Fastnacht with a bit of nurse zombie magic... I freaked out a LOT of people :)

  3. wow that is so amazing. We don't really do halloween in australia but my daughter dressed up this year. Next october we will be living in an American expat community in bangkok so we are looking forward to celebrating it properly for once