Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Helenekilde Badehotel: A Charming Seaside Retreat

Frost on a window, brutal yet beautiful

Winter recently took an uninvited turn for the worse in Northern Europe. Until last week, the weather, for the most part, was mild and pleasant, then suddenly the situation escalated to damp and freezing. With no prospect of acceptable temperatures until Spring, the cold seemed to be magnified. The drabness coupled with a hard crash landing back into reality after my amazing Christmas holiday left me destined for winter depression.

To avoid my inevitable rut, I enlisted the brainpower of my better half, The Panda. We agreed a getaway was in order and as a descendant of Vikings, he naturally suggested the sea. This past Saturday we headed north, away from Berlin, beyond Copenhagen, through the largest forest in Denmark, arriving on the north coast of Zealand at the charming Helenekilde Badehotel.

Bedroom (source: Helenekilde Badehotel)

As a connoisseur of all things pretty, I felt right at home at the Helenekilde. The colors and decor inspired a feeling of relaxation, allowing me to press pause on the world outside. In this magical place I had no obligations or deadlines to meet, I could just exist.

Our quaint room was equipped with a double bed, chair, side table and a fullsize bathroom with a large tub. Perfect for a few nights away from home. My only complaint with my room was that the bathroom was freezing since there was no heating element in there. Saturday also happened to be the coldest day of winter so far. So you can imagine that I spent very little time getting ready. :)

Helenekilde Logo on Hangers

One of the many white roses in the hotel that evening

Rustic rocking chair on patio

The design detail was simple and elegant, equidistant between casual and luxury. The Helenekilde didn't always look like this, it has been reinvented a few  times since it was built in 1896 as a private residence. After its expansion it became a seaside retreat for many Copenhageners, just two hours north of the city and easily accessible via Denmark's impressive rail system.

My Panda just...thinking

Fresh flowers and a couple in the distance relaxing

The wonderful ocean views from the patio allowed time for reflection, on  the universe, life, and love. One could almost ignore the harsh temperatures and get lost in the beauty of the sea. If you weren't brave enough to sit outside,that evening  there were plenty of comfy couches and quiet corners to have a snog or chat. There was also an extensive bar and multiple sitting rooms/dining area. I could always find a place to read a book or play on the internet with the hotel provided free WiFi. It seemed the rest of the guest that weekend also had a similar mission as The Panda and I, because it was fairly quiet. 

Aside from a beautiful decor and peaceful atmosphere the Helenekilde served up some great food! The restaurant serves a set three course menu which occasionally changes.  I'm by no means a food critic but I was really impressed. I had something called frogfish which tasted a million times better than it sounds. Pictures of our meal and more of the hotel can be found on my facebook page.

Me: After  (photo credit: The Panda)

What a difference a day makes. The Panda and I left feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of winter.If you want to learn more about the Helenekilde Badehotel check out their site and facebook fanpage.

What do you do to ward off the winter blues? Ever tried an overnight trip to a hotel?

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  1. Replies
    1. It was! We will surely have to visit again in the summer time. It was a break we needed away from work and "real life"

  2. This looks like a very charming place with a lot of character :)

    1. hi samuel thanks, it was pretty charming! charming and casual. if the weather is better a walk on the beach would surely add to its charm