Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Asos Curve - bleh

Image for the Leonard Nemoy Full Body Project
I used to be a die hard Asos Curve fan, I celebrated in the streets along with my fellow curvy girls when Asos Curve was introduced. The clothing was just my style, in a perfect pricepoint and shipping to Berlin is only 4 Euros. Recently I find myself struggling with Asos Curve because I have a few fundamental issues with them as an online retailer.

Despite complaints from customers, they continue to couple Asos Curve (plus size line) pieces online with items from their standard range. For example the model on the website will be wearing a pair of paints from Asos Curve but wearing a lovely jacket that is only available in standard sizes. It is a bit discouraging when I go gah gah for an item only to find out it is not provided in my size. How is that fair? Surely H&M doesn't showcase their clothing with items from Old Navy. Or even better, the Asos standard line never shows standard size models in items from the Curve line, most likely because the clothing wouldn't fit and said model would be drowning in the garments.

This touches on the second issue. Why are the majority of Asos Curve models anything but plus size. Now I am not a die hard fattie with anything against the skinnies or average sized women but the CLOTHES DO NOT FIT THE MODELS. This is painfully transparent when you watch the runway videos provided on the site and a dress is damn near straight pinned within an inch of its life to actually stay on the model.
Give me a girl that FILLS out the clothes, show me how the clothes could potentially look on someone with a full bust and bootie region. I get it, models are not 'average', it's the reason why they are models, I do not begrudge them at all. But I would like to see someone who at least fits the clothes you expect me to buy. I really really am annoyed by this, if the model in question doesnt even fit your smallest available plus size you are doing something wrong and if your customer base communicates to you that they see this as an issue and it is ignored it is an even bigger offense.

I still browse the site to covet the clothes, I am still a fan on facebook and I still rock my previously purchased items, but at the moment I just feel bleh and find other places to spend my money. Models for plus size clothing should at least be plus size, and not this plus size by "model standards" there are plenty of actual plus size women dieing to get a break into modelling. Bah this reminds me of my issue of Charleze and Halle 'getting ugly' for movie roles, or Dame Paltrow putting on a fat suit to play a fat woman, an even white opera singers wearing blackface to play the part of Othello. Stop it people.


  1. I went to the site and wow! Thos clothes look cute but do NOT fit the model. It made the look sloppy.

  2. I know right? There is a new model who looks lovely and fits the clothes better than previously used models but there are still a number of models that literally dont fit the bill. Someone said I was bit hard to ASOS, man whatever. I am too harsh, I contemplating placing an order because they have this lovely dress with hearts on it :) LOL

  3. What is with the bikini bottoms shots? Something is up with the models because they should not have super flat stomachs...where are the curves??