Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Pear Pincushion...well kinda

I intended to a make a pear pin cushion with some scraps of fabric that I had. Instead what I ended up with was a huge damn squash. I suspect that my pattern was too large and the curves were too "deep". I will know better for next time. So here is pictoral evidence of the very first squash pincushion. You watch, around the fall these things will be flying like hotcakes.

The materials were simple. 4 types of fabric, some felt for the stem and leaves, at the time, I didnt know if I was going to fill it with sand or stuffing. Sand is good to sharpen the pins and needles but I had no idea if my closure was going to be secure enough to actually put sand in the pin cushion. I got the pattern (which you see in the picture) online from a regular google query. All systems were a go.

According to the directions I needed 6 pieces of fabic all cut out into this nifty shape. I was really happy with my color scheme, I intended to make a wallet or small change purse with these colors but I couldn't find the right pattern, plus I was worried about the white fabric holding up against every day use, so I opted to use them for the pin cushion. Once I had all my pieces cut I combined them, attached the stem which I made out of brown felt and I left a small hole at the bottom in order to turn the pear inside out and then stuff it wilth the stuffing. All went okay until I saw my pear transform before my eyes into a giant smurf squash!
Once I began adding the stuffing I was at a point of no return, it was late, I was tired and I was not about to stitch and pick the whole thing to refine the pattern, so I stuffed and sculpted, sculpted and stuffed until the seams were about to burst. What I was left with was this lovely colorful squash shaped pear. I really dig my leaf :) It's the best part, in my opinion


  1. Pear or squash, this is ULTRA CUTE! Can I feature you and this project on my blog? It's

  2. Sure thing! That would be great Donielle :)

  3. I really like that squash! When you posted the twitpic a few days ago i was totally perplexed. lol. So wait, did you end up using the sand to stuff it?

  4. No I didnt use the sand this time, so it's a bit light. I will make another one, and leave my opening at the top and use a funnel to feed the sand in. This pattern had me attach the stem, then sew all the pieces together and then leave a small opening at the base, so I had potential two areas where sand could 'escape'.
    Thanks for commenting and thanks for following on twitter :)