Saturday, 9 April 2011

Reluctant Domestic Goddess

I made lasagna the other night it was so delicious. I hosted a good friend over for dinner and then split the rest amongst co-workers. If this thing sat in my house I would eat it everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yeah I know you can freeze things like lasagna but for envirnomental reason I chose not to use my freezer. The freezer is a totally seperate unit from the fridge, and since I rarely have anything to freeze it's a total waste to keep it on all the time for the off chance that I might need to freeze something. So lasagna for everyone!

I used a recipe I found on all recipes. com (Best Lasagna). I did some adaptations. I didn't use any sausage. For my sauce I added "Ottoman Spice" which I got on a recent trip to Turkey. It's sort of a secret blend that I couldn't convince anyone to tell me what was in it, but it has chili flakes in it. (Bah I need to post about my Turkish Culinary excursions. That was amazing as well. )Anyhoo, the ottoman spice added a bit of kick. And also for the sauce I chopped both onions and peppers and added a fresh italian herb paste before browning my meat. After cooking my sauce I assembled the lasagna. To top it off, I used fresh buffalo mozzarella , which you can get it relatively cheap. What I ended up with divine goodness. It was a hit. I didn't many pictures but here is how it looked fresh out of the oven.

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