Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sisterlock Journey: Toddler Town

In a month and a half my sisterlocks will be 2 years old! Wow has time flown on by, and it looks like it has grown like weeds. ***Beware***shots with no makeup below. This is just a pictoral update, I am aware I need a retightening. I will waffle on about my hair closer on or around the actual 2 year mark (May 31st). I might try and curl it with pipe cleaners around then, not sure. I just want to show the overall shape of my hair from different angles, the gray hairs that have taken over my skull and I added a piece of loc jewelry which could never fit on the locs I had before. Pictures after the break!


  1. Your hair looks soooo good! Looking forward to my 1 year mark.

  2. Thanks! Time really flys by. I love blogging about my hair and making youtube videos because you can really take a walk down memory lane