Friday, 15 April 2011

So you have a biggish foot

Join the club. I wear a size 11 in US women's. That translates into about a UK 9 and EU 42. I can still find shoes but it takes alot of trial and error. I know the annoyance of shopping online and potentially returning things that don't fit, but in the end it saves me time, energy and a bit of sanity.

One resource that is my go-to online shop is It has a really effective search feature, to help you focus your efforts. The dynamic customer feedback feature also lets you know what previous customer experiences have been in regards to fit and comfort. It really is one of the most useful shopping sites I have seen

I enjoy browsing their site because they have something for everyone. The site can appeal to the Carrie Bradshaw or the Murphy Brown in any girl. (10 points if you know who Murphy Brown is) Here is a selection of some of the trends they are offering online right now in larger shoe sizes. (10 and up)

MizMooz Hoola Oxford or Steve Madden Trouser Laceless Oxford

Both Sam Edelman Sandals are offered in 10.5, 11, and 12 in these amazing animal prints

Michael Kors Clog or Natural Sandal

Betsy Johnson Maggi Pump in Denim and Blush DotAll Black offers these two in EU 41 and 42

Espadrilles by Nine West and Tory Burch

There are hundreds of other styles on the site that I love. Nordstroms is just one of my online gems. Keep in mind if you are ordering from outside of the US, most shipments are subject to additional taxes

Other sites that offer US 10 and up are,, (which I find difficult to navigate through) and Duoboots which offers larger sizes and a variety of widths.

Happy shopping ladies! Post some other online resources in the comments section


  1. I wear a size 9 and I get irritated shopping for shoes sometimes so I can only imagine how it is for ya..these are adorable shoes..I went vegan and so that rules out a lot of the shoes I see ..which is probably a good thing for me!

    ..but those Betsy Johnson denim heels are vegan friendly...and so cute!

  2. Ah, not sure I can search for vegan friendly on Nordstroms but that is a consideration. Thanks for commenting. I love the oxfords, tempted to purchase them but I really shouldnt.

  3. oooh here you go, in a 9 vegan friendly