Saturday, 16 April 2011

Shame Free Blogging

It is almost 3 am on Satuday morning and I have to get some sleep but just wanted to post this image and link back to a moving post about a blogger who was recently trolled by some anon internet clown. They tried to insult her by calling her fat and "not curvy" she is striking back!

Check out the original post! Style Trumps Fashion's Arya speaks out!


  1. Karma NEVER forgets an address! I hope whoever posted such nastiness is prepared to keep moving cause they gone have hell to pay! LOL! It still amazes me how we as humans can be so mean spirited towards each other. Oh well, one thing I KNOW for sure, unhappy people display unhappy behavior.

  2. Lovin Natural, you are *so* right!

    Nicole, thanks for posting this and for posting your comment on my post of that day. I am so sorry that you can speak from experience (what you shared about youtube was appalling!), but glad that so many bloggers - and their readers, via comments - came together to show their body-pride & gratitude! I look forward to your post, whenever you get to it.


  3. I really should have posted about my experiences on the interwebs with bullies and the like, time got away from me, thanks for starting the campaign, its a great idea.