Sunday, 29 May 2011

Clever Luggage Tags

Considering that black is the most popular luggage color, it is important to make sure your bag can be easily identified at the baggage claim. Many travellers resort to all sorts of antics in an effort to give their luggage a unique identifier : expensive monograming, retna burning rainbow colored elastic belts, or tackier methods like tieing articles of clothing around the handle. I have seen it all.
Luckily my solu

tion is quite simple, my luggage collection regardless of make, color, or size is accompanied by an inventive travelware luggage tag. I first discovered these luggage tags while standing at a luggage carousel in Barcelona Spain about 4 years ago. I saw a black bag, mistook it for mine and then noticed a tag that read " thief: one who steals (as in: stop thief, this is my bag)" I literally laughed out loud in the airport. I dropped the bag and waited for it's rightful owner to claim it and proceeded to ask her about the origins of the tag. She got it as a gift, so she wasn't much help.

Once back in London, I went to the internet and searched for "clever luggage tags" and found inventive travelware. At that time they didn't have an online shop but listed vendors that carried their products by region. The rest they say is history. I have been recommending them and inspiring chuckles ever since. Check 'em out.

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