Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Safety First: Do you have at least 3 agile limbs

If you don't you can't enjoy this ride at Tivoli in Copenhagen. (sometimes non-native English signs make me giggle) If you have never been to Tivoli, it's magical, in a "ooh I want to get sick off eating tons of ice cream" sorta way. Everyone is a kid here! Compared to giant theme parks in the States like Six Flags Great Adventures, it's a small fry but it's beautiful with flowers and large green areas. There's even a large salt water aquarium and a concert hall.

My slush ice drink would have been perfect with a bit of rum. Check out the little Danish dude behind me. haha.

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  1. Hi Nicole,
    We're an American family living in the Heidelberg area. We experience the staring phenomenon regularly (we often speak Portuguese amongst ourselves, which I think folks find curious). I have no general explanation -- nowhere else in the world are people comfortable staring so blatantly. Guess you have to chalk it up to German charm! :)