Monday, 4 July 2011

Can You Stand The Rain ?

After a short holiday in Copenhagen, I am back in Berlin, and I think I am coming down with a cold. The weather in Copenhagen went from scorching on Tuesday to monsooning by Saturday night. The city received two months of rain (150mm) in a span of two hours complete with thunder, lightening and huge chunks of hail. Train service was interrupted, just about everything that could be flooded, was flooded, and drowned rodents floated in the streets. It was pretty exciting. LOL I recorded a short video during our cab ride home.
Berlin must have taken a sip of what Copenhagen was drinking because it's pouring here too. Thank goodness I don#t have to worry about my hair getting wet like many black expats living in Germany. The forecast for the rest of the week doesn’t look any better which is contrary to the outcome of Siebenschläfertag or Seven Sleepers Day. Seven Sleepers Day was June 27th, this day is suppose to determine the weather for the next 7 weeks. The weather on June 27th was 30 degrees, sunny and beautiful. Today it is 16 degrees, balmy and raining. It would appear that German superstitions are just as unreliable as everyone else's.
As to the title of the post, this rain makes me think of this song and then I miss my dear Panda Bear.


  1. Hey Nicole, Jessie from Fashion Limbo from Twitter ;) so funny to meet you through the Bread & Butter free wifi :P
    Firstly, I like how you write! just read the post about the ordeal with picking up the parcel and the stupid officer. I've lived abroad in a foreing country too and I can soooo relate. I love what you told that douchebag at the end, looooved it.
    Anyways, regarding your comment on my site,the camera I use is a bridge type, between a reflex full on one and a pocket one, its a panasonic lumix z45. I think there is a new version now, as I got it at a reduced price as it was one of the last models left. It's an amazing camera, for the size (slightly smaller than a reflex), has a superb zoom, and a lot of the pictures in the B&B because of being told off by almost everyone, were taken by not even aiming straight, just sneakily pressing the button while I simply walked around ;)
    I had read a lot of good things about this camera and they were all true. It's not the cheapest of options, but i paid almost half price because of the new version that was being sold already. It takes amazing pictures. The lens is by Leica, by the way, hope this helps!! xx

  2. Pretty cool. I like your blog as well. Check out my blog for Americans living in Germany.