Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Becoming a successful blogger

Now this is a mystery that I am hoping to uncrack, I am asking myself this after "politely" being told that my blog isn't significant enough to be sent a pair of shoes for review. Now I understand returns on investments and target audience, etc, I know I don't have thousands of subscribers. But I was prematurely snubbed, I wasn't even expecting a free pair of shoes, this is the funniest part of it all. I was hoping that I would review the shoes and get some sort of mention on their site, or twitter like ooh check out a review of our new thing-a-ma-bob by nicole is the new black.

I mean every product review, giveaway prize or wardrobe haul has been purchased out of my own pocket, I see these items that I purchase as start up costs for building my brand. But for this shoe retailer, my small time blog, my opinion which would have had no audience, simply wasn't worth their time.

So how does a blog become worth YOUR time? Of course I could buy e-books that explain this, but something doesn't sit right with me about these "information books". It seems these authors arent making money off of "blogging" but blogging ABOUT blogging and in our desperation for the answer, we send them paypal after paypal, hoping they have the magic bullet. It's similar to those people who sell tapes/dvds on how to invest in the real estate market and make millions flipping homes, they haven't actually flipped squat, they just compiled the information and are peddling it to people looking for financial freedom. They make money off of the information, not the process he is selling you. So I am not buying nothing, not yet anyway. Call it naive, call it too stubborn but I think there are certain elements in the popularity formula that can't be predicted.

Now I am not knocking anyone's hustle, information can be priceless, some of these tips and tricks are valuable, but I would prefer some guidance from someone who just did that damn thing, instead of selling me theory. bah. Tangent town.

So here we are, snubbed, not quite popular enough, and a bit butthurt. haha. I'll get over it when I am famous, blogging from the South Pacific, not even thinking about damn shoes. I really appreciate the "early adapters" to nicole is the new black and for those interested in my story of being a black expat living in Germany and my black female solo travel adventures. So if I ever forget to say it, thanks for the support, the retweets, the stalkage, and comments on my vids and blogs, it's appreciated.


  1. I don't care what 'they' say!! I LOVE your blog! It is informative, fun and funny! It's ok to grow, when we know better we (should) do better, but right now, as is, you got it going on! Keep up the great posts. Peace and Blessings!

  2. Nicole,

    My blog has been on the scene for seven years and I still get snubbed by companies for product reviews. There really is no magic bullet to to show companies when you are "ready" to be sent products. My first product was sent to me by a company looking to get exposure and my first advertiser was for the now defunct line of clothes that Queen Latifah did. I am new to your blog but I know what it takes to make a blog grow and be successful. If you keep being you the companies will come to you. Start building relationships now and it will benefit you in the long run. As for buying material to help you blog I would only suggest things from ProBlogger. I have used the material to help my writing as well as marketing. Good luck see you online.

  3. I know what you mean RE: people writing about being big-time bloggers, and how we can learn their pro tips, even though their blog is all about (drumroll)...blogging...


    I know that leaving comments on blogs that you like, and whose audience may also be interested in your blog, helps create cross-pollination. I don't really know much more than that, though, because I haven't looked into it for myself. I just keep plugging away and gradually people make their way to me. I guess I follow the "Field of Dreams" example. :-)

  4. Thanks guys for the support. I am trying and learning things from different marketing forums. I dont want to force anything but I do want to be proactive. Thanks for the encouragement and tips!