Sunday, 1 May 2011

Retail Confessions: March and April

I don't want to say I shop alot but I do like pretty things ...sigh. Here are my most recent online purchase for the months of March and April. I haven't recieved a single thing, yet. Still waiting on my earrings which I ordered more than a month ago, boo!!! Overseas postage!

I will do haul vids once my precious-nesses are with me. muah hahaha
ne judge pas (that's incorrect french, FYI) but seriously do not judge me, the Euro is doing really well at the moment. On a serious note, I am cutting down on shopping and saving money for a few upcoming trips for the summer AND Vegas in October!!! So these are the last spoils before I need to sit my behind down somewheres.

Rachel Stewart - Gold Dwennimmen Adinkra

Rachel Stewart - Silver Cassette Earrings

Rachel Stewart - Fit for a Queen in Silver

Jibri Plus Size Print Dawn Dress with Hip Detail

Domino Dollhouse Perfect Pencil Skirt

Domino Dollhouse Dahlia Pencil Dress

Domino Dollhouse Bow Out Skirt

I really hope you guys were paying attention. ONE of the items above will be given away in my next giveaway. And TWO of the retailers are above offering prizes for upcoming giveaways, one is a discount code and another is a gift certficate for 50 USD. If you can't wait for the giveaways make sure to visit these retailers!

Rachel Stewart Handmade Jewelry

Jibri - Fashion Forward Plus size clothing, also offering custom sizing
Domino Dollhouse - Vintage Inspired Plus Size clothing

Stay tuned and happy styling!


  1. I also ordered from Rachel Stewart in march!! I chosed the comb earrings!
    Could you tell me how does Domino Dolhouse fits?

  2. I need to check this website out! I love those earrings!!! So ODD


  3. @vanoue, i got my earrings finally, darned international shipping. they are fab and i am giving away a pair really soon, just have to record the video. i will also do a review of domino dollhouse once i recieve my order. i am excited, i ordered not by my usual size but according to their size charts, i hope it worked
    @prissy not only are the earrings cool racheal is a great person, i love supporting businesses lead by cool people. check out her stuff, its dope