Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Dancing First Lady

 I simply can't express how ...what is the word? Am I proud? Shocked? Impressed? I am just wowed by the video of Michelle Obama dancing on a recent trip to a middle school in DC. She really is one of my favorite people although I have been critical about comments she has made about her own daughters during her campaign against childhood obesity.

But today she gets a gold star, this is how you do it, Madame President. To get kids active and encourage health, you drop all the rhetoric, play a dance track and you shake what your momma gave you. We have never seen the wife of a President dance to the point where she breaks a sweat. She did the dougie, the cha cha, the running man and still maintained her elegance and style. She is such a lady! And cool as hell! (Did you see her "get it girl" dance face, she was serious)

Of course she can do the waltz but to see the First Lady of my country do traditionally urban dances with no shame was something to write about. Some people may not understand why these images, or Michelle Obama, are significant at all. Mrs Obama is a well educated, married, mother of two children, physically fit, powerful Black woman. I don't know if you have noticed but according to statistics, studies, television and Celebrity Apprentice, Black women like Michelle Obama are an endangered species or perhaps a figment of the imagination. Marriages and families that are the same caliber as the Obamas are typically reserved for our lighter counterparts. Black women are constantly portrayed as angry, oversexed monsters, with nasty attitudes not worthy of "a good man". Michelle Obama, easily the most recognizable woman in America, combats those negative stereotypes.

Mrs. Obama's dance moves has ensured that she will never lose her relate-ability. I could imagine myself meeting her, greeting her with "Hey Michelle" and giving her a hug because I not only respect her but I can identify with her. I feel like the First Lady of the United States could be one of my homegirls, LOL, that's just crazy.


  1. I take issue with the fact that M. Obama can do the dougie and I can't. lbs

  2. @newness, i dont know how to dougie and i am okay with that, not living in the states i am not down with all the cool kid moves. i think she is great!